Use angled sanding block. Plaster Repair

Hi All.

Just a quick one here on sanding and plaster repair. If you remember back to last posting i was talking about taping in internal angles using paper tape. Well as you can see on your left the wall and nib wall are now got a coat of paint on it. But before i painted i had to sand this area. After i used my dustless sanding machine you still have to go through and BLOCK sand the internals and anywhere else the machine could not reach. i.e around the power points etc.

If ever you end up doing this for yourself, make sure you buy the angled sanding blocks as you can see in the images below, not the straight edge ones, because with the angled sanding blocks you will not dig out the plaster on the other side of the internal as your sanding it. If you use a straight block it hits the other wall in the corner and digs out the plaster, leaving plaster repair work to be done.

Anyway just a quickie


Phillip Cordwell –

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