2 x Layer 6ml Plasterboard

This bulkhead is over 15m long and 1.6m wide. The curve on the end was achieved by wrapping 2 x layers of Flexible 6ml plaster sheet to achieve minimum thickness. It was also wet down to get this curved shaped. What a fantastic looking ceiling structure. Congrats to the architectural team from 6ty for such great design. It’s been a challenge thoroughly enjoyed to build. #excited #almosthere #teameffort #designtas #healthhub #earlylearningcentre

2 thoughts on “2 x Layer 6ml Plasterboard

  1. I can tell you and your team take pride in your work! This looks impeccable. My brother tried to get into plastering, ceiling work etc. and just gave up. You guys are true professionals and it shows! I’ve also enjoyed all the photos you post, can’t seem to get any good examples of these jobs from other sites.


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