Drywall Repair

Patch Drywall – Patching big holes in Plasterboard

Ok. You might have a patch like this and here are some basic drywall repair notes to keep in mind. Firstly find out what the cause of the damage was in the first place. If it is say for example water damage make sure the problem is fixed first before even attempting to patch or you will have to patch again later. Once that is sorted you need to cut out the damaged area into a nice square shape in which you will replace with new plasterboard. Once hole is cut put some timber blocks around edge of cut out hole so you can replace with new plasterboard. As seen below top left.

Now once you have sheeted the new plasterboard, you will need to tape this border with paper tape so it does not crack back out later down the track. Once you have done that, as it sets you scrape off any high areas in preparation for the second coat which i have done in the picture below bottom left. Again as this drys make sure you scratch/scrape of any high areas again in preparation for the top coat. Now your first 2 coats were done with a base compound as it sets hard and holds the tape in from cracking. The final coat is the top coat, which basically allows you to sand back the patch to a smooth finish ready for painting. I do recommend though when sanding always use a light to show imperfections up so you can patch before painting. #drywallrepair


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One thought on “Drywall Repair

  1. The instructions in this post “how to repair a drywall” is very detailed and easy to follow. Even the plastering tips are understandable for someone who knows nothing about plastering. Doing drywall repair seems easy for me now.


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