Ornate Cornice and Ceiling Roses

Specialist Ornate cornice installed here. The bottom right cornice is 300ml in size and the bottom left cornice is 450ml wide. Very heavy stuff. The ceiling rose at the top is 660ml in diameter. The team did a fantastic job on this 187 year old house near Avoca Tasmania. Very proud of them all.


2 thoughts on “Ornate Cornice and Ceiling Roses

  1. Every time I walk into a room I can’t help myself but look if there is a cornice. It adds a unique character to the decor compared to the plain ceiling rose that I can buy in any DIY store.
    You and your team have done a wonderful job that will be appreciated for many years to come.

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  2. I use to live in a house with ornate cornice. It makes such a difference to the atmosphere in a room. Thank you for the professional way you installed a ceiling rose in my new home. You know how to plaster and work with cornice.


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