Plaster Nib Wall. Plasterboard Installation


Framed this wall up. Lined it with CSR Gyprock 2.4m x 1200 x 10ml plasterboard. Installed metal external 90 degree angles and troweled and sanded it. Left an opening in the wall to place a nice bit of timber on the bottom to place some family photos or ornaments on.

Here is the finished product after 3 x costs of plaster and sanding. Only painting remains.


If you are looking to do something like this in your home, then feel free to call me(Phil), to discuss ideas and options suitable to you…

View more plastering photos here:

Facebook Plastering Photos

3 thoughts on “Plaster Nib Wall. Plasterboard Installation

  1. The explanation how to do Nib wall plasterboard is very detailed, one feels as if you can do it yourself, but from experience I know it’s best to get the professionals.


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