Installing Plasterboard.


Just wanted to publish these photos so i can explain the importance of installing plasterboard correctly.

This job my team troweled and finished off recently shows joins running both ways in the ceilings and on some walls.

IMG_3303 (1)

The reason for this is the plasterboard fixing was not done correctly. It was actually hung the opposite way.

This created a problem in that we had to trowel full length butt joins, the full ceiling width, when really none should have been there in the first place. There was also some of these full butt joins running vertically down the walls in some areas aswell. These are extremely hard to hide from glancing light, but luckily my team posess the skills and knowledge to do just that.

Now of course this saved the owner money as we only had to trowel this place up, but you must consider when attempting to plaster your own jobs this, it took my team longer than usual to finish this beacuse of all the extra joins we had to trowel and eventually sand. And not to mention the joins themselves needed to be cleated as they were hanging down loosely which means if we did not fix this the joins would eventually crack later down the track.

So with all this extra work we peformed to fix this, did you really save yourself that much money. Just something for you ponder on the next time your thinking of doing your own plastering works.

Anyway, this job has come up well and the owner is over the moon, and not that you could tell now but this used to be a metal framed shed.




2 thoughts on “Installing Plasterboard.

  1. Phill really knows what he’s doing. He has the expertise to install plasterboard like a pro. I’m really satisfied with his plaster repair work and impressed with his drywall repair skills.

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